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August 04, 2007



See how easy this is? Give it a try!


Wow....this is a really cool idea, Cathy! I love being able to see how the kids are growing....I think it's fantastic!


Way to go, girl! Actually the new way to scrapbook is electronically. It is easy and fast (or so "they" say), not messy, and you can get your pictures in hardbound books for the coffee table as well as online.

But I think blogging is great so I'll be here often.
Can guests also post pictures?

Love ya....Mom


Oh by the way...the pics are good (love the cool shoes Jacie :)

J's eye color looks dark instead of blue on my screen but oh, my....ain't he a doll?


Hi Jody! Thanks for my first comment!

Mom, click on the pictures to see the bigger version...maybe the color will be better that way.
No I don't think guests can post pictures but if you will email them to me, I will.
And do you have pictures I haven't seen? I still haven't seen any from Camp Grandma! Hop to it, woman!


Cathy, did I read that right? Did you tell your mom to "hop to it" think she should move at snail-pace just for that remark! (Us grandmas have to stick


Ah rats, you grandmother types always stick together! Okay. Mother, please email me pictures when you have time. Thank you.


Thanks Jody....maybe you can teach my little wisecracker some manners. Where there's life there's hope! Haha!


Hope this goes through. having problems commenting. view yours real well


Hey Mam! It looks like you got it all figured out! You can leave a comment on any of the posts, too and don't worry about filling out the email adress or the url part!


I chuckled at the paper bag over the head in public. I can totally relate.

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