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September 02, 2007



Way to go, Jared and Jacie! I'm very impressed...I've never taken a Tae Kwon Do class in my life but I do know the amount of concentration, composure and strength it requires to achieve any of the belt levels. You all did fantastic in your testing for the Deputy Black belt....way to go, Jared and Jacie!!! Hugs, Miss Jody

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Chris and Grace

Woohoo!!!! Good job kids! Remind me not to pick on you :)

Great job you did too Cathy....I guess you stayed busy all weekend on this. It worked great....it is fast and the pictures are very clear. I thought you had it on fast forward when they were doing the endurance test but Grandpa said not so.

Hope everyone made it home ok. Love to all....Grandma


Great work.

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