Hey....where's the part about spending days and days with Grandma and Grandpa? Pushing them in their wheelchairs etc? Haha! What a boy.

Get Jared to watch America's got talent. One of the groups is a martial arts/arts exhibition. It's in the finals and is pretty cool.

Love you all....Grandma

P.S. I could plainly read Jacie's lips and she was saying "I LOVE MY GRANDMA!!!"


Your son sounds like mine!

I found you via Ree (pioneer woman), and came to take a peek at your site.

My sons b-day is 4-27-96 and he would love to be a video game tester. So, when your son starts creating computer games, have him give my boy a call and they can be partners! My neice just left for a college in Fl where she is going to learn to design video games.

My son plays soccer and b-ball. I always thought it would be neat to get him into martial arts, but he never was too interested in it. I think it wouldn't work out for him too well during the sparring matches if he has to face someone his own size though. He's almost 5'8" and if he had to spar with someone his size, they would probably be a couple of years older!

That's all for now!
ps- I think your daughter looks like you even if her birthday is in December! : )

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